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Because gay is a general term for someone romantically interested in the same sex, and lesbian means a woman attracted to a woman 2 Reply ElbowsAndThumbs • 1 hr. ago I suppose you can call a homosexual man a lesbian. He probably won't be offended, just confused. 2 Reply buttsnboobies • 1 hr. ago It's like dude 2 Reply SADPLAYA • 1 hr. ago. Web. Punishment for being gay: Sex "acts" between men get up to 14 years in prison. Sex "acts" between women get up to five. 32. Malaysia Busakorn Pongparnit / Getty Images Punishment for being.


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Affectionate displays between cats, like mutual grooming, head butting, and co-sleeping are not sexual behaviors. 02. In cats, mating is a purely instinctual behavior intended for reproduction. 03. It's theoretically possible that cats can be gay, bisexual, or identify in another way, we have no scientific evidence to support this.

Gay-rights advocate: Listen, the evidence shows that being gay is not a choice. Those poor people are probably really gay at heart, but are denying their true natures and simply acting in accordance with the strictures of a heterosexual lifestyle out of shame and pressure from social conservatives such as you.


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